Al Fajer FM Receives ISO 41001 Certification

Al Fajer FM completed its ISO 41001:2018 certification, the World’s First International Facilities Management System (FMS) in September 2019. The accreditation ensures international best practices are evident across each functional department.

The audit was conducted by Das Certifications. Al Fajer FM has demonstrated its ability to deliver upon the standards with efficient processes, skilled people and a healthy operational model.

Sangeetha, Dept. CEO, Al Fajer FM said: “Despite its ubiquitous nature, it has always been a challenge to quantify the quality and effectiveness of FM services.  The ISO 41000 will provide a standardised platform to assess and demonstrate the value that can be delivered by FM companies”
In 2019, Al Fajer FM has also expanded its base to Abu Dhabi.  Al Fajer FM has maintained good performance in 2019 by adding contracts worth more than 50 Million AED. Al Fajer FM has a proven track record of delivering FM services in the region for the last 12 years with a focus on operational excellence, technology integration, client engagement, cost optimisation and innovation.